Wilhelm, German neurologist, 1817-1868. See: Griesinger disease, bilious typhoid of Griesinger, Griesinger sign.
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All kinds of stable systems of cooperation, have a 'social side' (Griesinger 1990).
However, this approach has proven to be largely unsustainable; taking many years to complete, requiring significant resources, and typically focusing on a one-for-one replacement of a specific regulatory endpoint of interest (Griesinger et al., 2016; Judson et al., 2013).
Brian Conniff (University of Dayton) then read the citation accompanying CCL's Lifetime Achievement Award to David Lyle Jeffrey (Baylor University), after which Emily Griesinger (Azusa Pacific University) offered an invocation.
Haydn later suppressed this period of apparent drudgery in his biographical discussions with Georg August Griesinger (eventually published as "Biographische Notizen uber Joseph Haydn," Allgemeine musikalische Zeitungr 11 [1808-9]: 641-49, etc.; also published separately, Leipzig: Breitkopf & Harel, 1810; various reprints) and Albert Christoph Dies (Biographiscise Nachrichten von Joseph Haydn [Vienna: Cam esinaische Buchhandlung, 1810; various reprints]; Eng.
The Evidence-based Toxicology Collaboration (EBTC) (11) was established in 2011 (Zurlo, 2011) following a conference in Como in 2007 (Griesinger et al., 2008) to bring evidence-based (EB) methodologies into toxicology (Guzelian et al., 2005; Hoffmann and Hartung, 2006; Hartung, 2009; Hoffmann et al., 2014) and safety sciences.
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Eaton ( or Emily Griesinger (, Department of English, Azusa Pacific University, 901 East Alosta Avenue, Azusa, CA 91702-7000.
Every day I fell to my knees and prayed God to grant me the strength for a happy completion of this work" (Georg August Griesinger, in Haydn: Two Contemporary Portraits, 55).
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