Wilhelm, German neurologist, 1817-1868. See: Griesinger disease, bilious typhoid of Griesinger, Griesinger sign.
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The program includes a world premiere of Legends of Glory, by Kathryn Griesinger, played by orchestra students of the Edna Brewer Middle School (Oakland Public Schools) and the Community Women's Orchestra.
Goeckenjan G, Sitter H, Thomas M, Branscheid D, Flentje M, Griesinger F, Niederle N, Stuschke M, Blum T, Deppermann KM, et al.
In "A Comic Vision Of Great Constancy: Stories About Unlocking The Wisdom Of Everyman", educator Alan Griesinger deftly argues that comedy provides that structure and embodies that voice.
Developed by a team of Lexicon engineers, led by sound guru David Griesinger, Logic 7 has set a new standard for acoustic precision and fidelity in automobiles.
Jackson, Melancholia and Depression: From Hippocratic Times to Modern Times (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986), 5-6, notes repeated instances throughout the eighteenth century and the introduction of "states of mental depression" as a diagnostic category in 1845 in the German writer Wilhelm Griesinger, but he mostly discusses depression only in connection with modern-era psychiatry, and in general underplays the tension between the nouns in his title.
Ellis Anderson's essay on the descriptions of Haydn presented in the early biographies (Georg August Griesinger, Albert Christoph Dies, and Giuseppe Carpani) provides a glimpse into what will hopefully prove to be an interesting dissertation.
Griesinger (1990) proposed that material resources are claimed to be necessary but not sufficient to satisfy human aspirations for betterment.
59) Other notable Hutterites included the Hutterites first schoolmaster, Jeronimus Kals, and the missionaries Onophrius Griesinger, Leonhard Lochmair, and Georg Fasser, Packull, Hutterite Beginnings, 258.
Chris Griesinger is documentation and courseware developer for Rent Manager.
Finally, the third image, which in fact concludes The Life of Haydn, is painted by the composer's early biographer Georg August Griesinger, and fittingly confirms the relevance of such an enterprise by calling Haydn--as early as 1810--"founder of an epoch in musical culture" (p.