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[U.S.A.], June 12 (ANI): Olympian skier Bode Miller is mourning the tragic death of his 19-month-old daughter Emeline Grier Miller.
Sciences (James Grier Miller, Trans., 1978), 42, N6.
Living Systems Theory, for example, is not mentioned, although James Grier Miller's 1978 work is listed as one example of 'integrative research' in some of the earliest works in systems science.
James Grier Miller was first director of the Clinical Psychology section of the Veterans Administration and organizer of a consortium of 40-plus universities to initiate clinical psychology courses of study.
Such a stellar couple were Dr and Mrs James Grier Miller who have moved beyond us (SRBS Obituaries, 19:1, 2002; 20:1-2, 2003).
James Grier Miller was born in July of 1916, in Lakewood, Ohio, where he attended high school and met his future wife, Jessie Louise.
As James Grier Miller once told me, we do not expect that everyone in the university should be a systems scientist, but it seems not only reasonable, but even necessary, that 3% or so of all scholars should pursue integrative efforts.
Examples of this are the papers following the traditions of the past presidents, such as James Grier Miller's living systems theory (LST), Robert Rosen's complexity theory, Kenneth Boulding's 'skeleton of science', and Peter Checkland's popular systems approach.
The term itself was invented by James Grier Miller and first used in 1949 by the University of Chicago Committee on the Behavioral Sciences to refer to 'all the overlapping biological and social disciplines concerned with the study of behaviour, human or subhuman'.
The world of education and research lost an intellectual giant with the death of James Grier Miller on 7 November 2002.
It is with great sadness that we at Systems Research and Behavioral Science have to report the death of James Grier Miller. As just one among many achievements, in a most distinguished career, Jim originated the multidisciplinary term 'behavioral science' and founded the journal with that name around fifty years ago.
For over thirty years, she was associate editor of the prestigious journal, Behavioral Science, founded by her husband, Dr James Grier Miller.