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Mary F., U.S. medical technologist, 1908-1954. See: Gridley stain, Gridley stain for fungi.
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The case of Gridley is in no essential altered from one of actual occurrence, made public by a disinterested person who was professionally acquainted with the whole of the monstrous wrong from beginning to end.
At the legendary Dorothy Lane Market, in Dayton, Ohio, Jack Gridley, VP of meat, seafood, deli and prepared foods, says that the company has added another blast chiller because "one of the secrets to our great food is making things in continuous small batches.
This flight was a little different because our parent ship, USS GRIDLEY (DDG 101), was the escort for the carrier into port, but we all viewed it as just another MISR bag.
We recommend protecting the stream channels and ponds from cattle and feral burro access at Bog Hot Creek, West Spring, Pueblo Slough, Trout Creek, Dufurrena Pond 13, and Gridley Springs.
Mary's Gone Crackers, Gridley, CA, has launched two new gluten-free snacks: THINS and MiNiS.
SHEONAH GRIDLEY Jules O'Dwyer, owner of BGT's winning dog Matisse, has revealed she used a stunt dog to perform the tightrope trick.
Gridley is a jazz musician and educator, and this book, in its previous editions, has established itself as an important resource in jazz pedagogy.
Yet some music listeners like dissonance (Lester & Whipple, 1996; Pabon & Gridley, 1998).
Gridley does not separate the mediated "world of shadows" (perhaps the province of writing, reading, perception) from the factual world we experience through all the senses; at times one serves as the warp, the other the weft.
The company said Sarmiento will report to Richard Gridley, vice president of Sales, Canada, Asia Pacific and The Americas.
The electricity generated by the Gridley solar facility will be directed to two members of the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) through separate energy meters: the City of Gridley and the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).