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Mary F., U.S. medical technologist, 1908-1954. See: Gridley stain, Gridley stain for fungi.
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The case of Gridley is in no essential altered from one of actual occurrence, made public by a disinterested person who was professionally acquainted with the whole of the monstrous wrong from beginning to end.
When word of AU's concerns were reported in local newspapers, City Attorney Mike Gridley defended the arrangement.
USS is committed to building and operating the largest, most technologically advanced deep water fleet in the United States," said Paul Gridley, chairman and CEO of U.
Judith Scoggin Gridley, Joan Reed Kiplinger and Jessie Gridley McClure's Vintage Fabrics--Identification & Value Guide (1574324-802, $19.
SYLMAR - In a bungalow at Gridley Elementary School, applause erupts as Marcela Jimenez finishes telling the legend of La China Poblana, a tale tracing the traditional dress of her hometown to an Indian of Mongolian origin.
Kerry at the time was serving in the Pacific aboard the destroyer USS Gridley.
One of these resources was Ferrari Tractor CIE, PO Box 1045, Gridley, CA 95948.
More than 20 years ago, Rogers Kaufman came up with a clever idea to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Gridley Telephone Co.
Its move to Cleveland shortly after the turn of the last century made that Ohio city a Mecca of sorts for automatic lathes, that is, until the developments of George Gridley and Frank Cone in Windsor, Vt.
The shop--which cuts various grades of stainless steel, brass and standard screw machine stock such as 12L14 and 12L15--wanted more parts productivity and more running time from the 9/16" multiple spindle Acme Gridley it was using to make the stainless valves.
Unlike much of the standard historical treatment of mental retardation, Ferguson begins his story with the poorhouse rather than the purportedly "enlightened" leadership of such notables as Samuel Gridley Howe and H.