Grey Literature

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Evidence-based medicine A body of publications produced by government, academia, or business and industry, in print and/or electronic forms, which is not published in easily accessible journals and may not appear in databases or through web searches
Examples Conference proceedings, abstracts of the research presented at conferences, unpublished theses, dissertations, government reports, technical reports, standards and specifications, translations, or other types of documentation.
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2000, 'Trends and Evolution in the Development of Grey Literature: A Review', The International Journal on Grey Literature, no.
As can be noted from the count of documents for each theme, the grey literature is predominantly about reports related to housing and homelessness, community progress analysis with housing, and homelessness plans, particularly with plans to end homelessness.
The IPCC has rules for allowing grey literature. Scientists say the material, such as government agency reports or other respected work not published in scientific journals is crucial for trying to get a complete picture of the current state of climate science.
It is to the authors' credit that this otherwise grey literature is presented in a format that is widely accessible.
Grey literature is of particular interest to the task group, and its inclusion in the repository warrants further investigation.
* "Grey literature" (unpublished studies and sources) (for example, Health Management Information Consortium, Index to Theses, the National Research Register, Current Research in Britain, and COPAC--catalogs of twenty-four major UK universities plus the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, and the National Library of Wales)
However, much of this data can only be found scattered among the so-called 'grey literature', and analysis of the mechanisms that cause the studied effects is also lacking.
A primary focus of WWWRSW is to provide direct access to full-text materials in the grey literature. This term refers to literature "produced at all levels of government bodies, academics, business, and industry in print and electronic formats, but which is not controlled by commercial publishers" (Luzi, 2000, p.
Negative trials might only be found in the "grey literature"--that is, research that may not have been indexed into formal peer-reviewed journals, making it harder to locate-which would give positive papers exaggerated prominence.
And by the end, when the "grey literature" has been reviewed, unpublished commissioned studies and evaluative reports, the reader has reason to feel confident that, despite weak attendance in the Cochrane Centre, psychotherapy and counseling are indeed effective in the primary care setting.
STN's European partner, FIZ Karlsruhe, is launching FIZ AutoDoc, a new web-based automated service, which will enable users to order full-text articles from almost 60,000 journals and from grey literature.