Greig's syndrome

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Greig's syndrome

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Q. Is it normal to have abused alcohal. go threw 3 years of a.a. and come out of it a controled drinker?

A. No. Alcoholism is a lifetime disease. If you go through rehab and AA you can come out clean but you can never drink any alcohol ever again.

Q. my gf is in aa she says that it and her friends come before me the meetings yes friends?im a comitment too? ive done studing on it and i am still ignorant to it but its not that i havent tried but she says the meeting come before me wich i think is right but she also puts her friends way before me.I read that in the big book it talks about commitments the the program and to other things in your life kids family staying sober..... but if you bring a man or woman into your life that isnt an acholic isnt it your job to update them on the program so that they understand to? She makes alot of plans with me then if a aa friend calls and wants to hang out im out of the pitcure and her friends are in she says that there her life thats her relationships and the program and that she should be dating in aa becouse they understan. I tell her she brought me into her life so she has to make time for me and she should want me as much as she wants her friends it a her way and the program or no way. after meetings (4-5 times a week)she hangs out with them tell 1-2 in the morn. Now this is my ignorance on the program but where does the program say to pick ure commitments on which is the ones you only want to do? Also does the program teach you to be self reliant on the choices you make in life becouse anything she does she has to ask her friends and sponser the relationship is with me its your life why cant they make there own choices? I hope im not offending anyone its not my means i just have questions if asking her it starts a fight. Thank you

A. HELLo MIKE (SOMETHING LIKE THAT)(13yrs without any alcohol,it wasnt easy in the beginning,because the people in my family,didnt understand,my father was and alcoholic.MY problem didnt get bad,because i knew what alcohol does to you,BACk in the 70th/80th,I started drinking just for the fun of it(in college).Like alot of other young people and my wife (both) had BAD alcoholics in our family(her father)--you can find me on (in the dont usually tell people this,but i want you to know,I BEEN THERE. one thing about people back in the day,they didnt think about addiction because there were no info out there,so when you had a addicted person,family memmbers just accepted the it,and caused the person with the addiction to continue to drink,until their body gave out,or the family couldnt take it anymore,good luck with your friend,and im sorry i had to put it that way,but your friend nos what she has to do,ITS NOT PERSONAL,but this disease (WILL)kill you).when i went into

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