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Gregor Johann, Austrian geneticist, 1822-1884.
Mendel first law - factors that affect development retain their individuality from generation to generation, do not become contaminated when mixed in a hybrid, and become sorted out from one another when the next generation of gametes is formed. Synonym(s): law of segregation
Mendel second law - different hereditary factors assort independently when the gametes are formed. Synonym(s): law of independent assortment
mendelian character - an inherited character under the control of a single locus.
mendelian inheritance - inheritance in which stable and undecomposable characters controlled by a single genetic locus are transmitted over many generations. Synonym(s): alternative inheritance
mendelian ratio - the ratio of progeny with a particular phenotype or genotype expected in accordance with Mendel law among the offspring of matings specified as to genotype or phenotype.
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Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian monk, conducted the famous experiments we learn about in high school biology using generations of pea plants; he found some of the answers Darwin sought (Weiling, 1991).
"Gregor Mendel and the Roots of Genetics", en: Gingerich O.
They include Albert Einstein, Archimedes, Marie Curie, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Gregor Mendel, Carl Sagan, Enrico Fermi, John Polkinghorne, and Michael Polanyi.
While there is strong evidence GABRA2 is linked to alcohol dependence, the gene doesn't automatically produce alcoholism the same way Gregor Mendel's pea plants reliably passed on traits.
She writes about such scientists as Van Leeuwenhoek, Marie Curie, and Gregor Mendel as well as visual artists-Rembrandt, Chagall, Durer, and others-for whom precise observation leads to aesthetic vision.
They begin with Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution by natural selection and Gregor Mendel's discovery of the unit of heredity--genes-reminding us of how these discoveries completely revolutionised humanity's view of itself and the world around us.
The person famous for his discovery of genetic inheritance was Gregor Mendel (see box).
The life and work of 19th-century friar Gregor Mendel, a former high school teacher whose experiments were ignored by the scientific community for decades, is the subject of an exhibition now touring the country.
Which field of science developed from the pioneering work of Austrian botanist Gregor Mendel?
Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) and Charles Darwin (1809-1882) were both 19th century scholars.
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