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Gregor Johann, Austrian geneticist, 1822-1884.
Mendel first law - factors that affect development retain their individuality from generation to generation, do not become contaminated when mixed in a hybrid, and become sorted out from one another when the next generation of gametes is formed. Synonym(s): law of segregation
Mendel second law - different hereditary factors assort independently when the gametes are formed. Synonym(s): law of independent assortment
mendelian character - an inherited character under the control of a single locus.
mendelian inheritance - inheritance in which stable and undecomposable characters controlled by a single genetic locus are transmitted over many generations. Synonym(s): alternative inheritance
mendelian ratio - the ratio of progeny with a particular phenotype or genotype expected in accordance with Mendel law among the offspring of matings specified as to genotype or phenotype.
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(It might even be argued that the second law of thermodynamics requires this tending toward an average.) The flaw was corrected by an Austrian botanist and Augustinian monk, Gregor Johann Mendel (1822-1884), who experimented with peas that he grew in the monastery garden.
Only after the work of Gregor Johann Mendel on genes and their role was discovered and applied in the early twentieth century, and only after Sir Ronald Fisher, in the 1930s, proved that variation in organisms occurs fortuitously did the modern understanding of evolution occur.