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An amphetamine pill that is green in color.
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Sitting spread-legged and holding his beer can on his knee, Greeny winked at her and flashed his rotten smile.
Hawaii's Karena Greeny (left) drives past Oregon State's Felicia Ragland during the Beavers' win Thursday.
The space was blacked out, and the greeny blue glow of the cables was reflected dimly in the water below.
The greeny silver mirrored glass and highly polished steel of the two cubic pavilions reflect and refract its surroundings, disturbing and confusing the visitor.
Yesterday security guard Neil St Clair-Ford told how he found the dad-of-two choking, trembling and vomiting a "greeny yellow" liquid.
"Some people thought Tab and Greeny had one, others thought the other two had got it.
Greeny would be a bit disappointed, but he did make a very good save second half.
"It was a bit unfortunate, and Greeny has been magnificent for us," Collison said.
Taking charge of the music on July 24 will be DJs Sully, Greeny and Lisa.
West Ham keeper Green was clapped into the dressing room after the game and Hammers boss Alan Curbishley said: "When you play any top four side you need your keeper to get 10 out of 10, perhaps 12 out of 10 - and that is what Greeny did.