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L., contemporary U.S. surgeon who designed the Greenfield filter. See: Greenfield filter.
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This can only happen through transparency; meaning all those involved must be proactive in their commitment to eliminate greenwashing to deliver the authenticity consumers demand, the organization said.
Greenwashing is a growing issue in real estate as multiple studies demonstrate that consumers are attracted to -- and will often pay premiums for -- homes that are highly efficient in saving on utilities bills.
He noted companies fall by the wayside 'to the point that there's so much emphasis on doing the wrong things for society and the planet and subsequently greenwashing it away with nice words and ad campaigns.'
Todd Wichmann, CEO, president and founder, HealthPro Brands Inc., makers of the Fit Organic Brand of household cleaners, encourages consumers to beware of greenwashing claims.
For the past decade, "greenwashing" has run rampant in the home building industry.
There are seven types of greenwashing sins cited by Terra Choice, an American company, which advances global sustainability, environmental health, and safety by supporting the growth and development of environmentally preferable products, services, and organizations.
Greenwash Action, an Earth Island Institute project that is a joint initiative of Sierra Club and Greenpeace, works to defend leadership sustainability standards that are threatened by industry-sponsored greenwashing. Our current focus is the green building sector where the threat to leadership is immediate and pressing.
Another useful feature is the glossary, containing ninety-four key terms such as cap and trade, geoengineering, greenwashing, race to the bottom, and tragedy of the commons.
A joint initiative of Sierra Club and Greenpeace and a program of the Earth Island Institute, its mission is to defend programs that represent true environmental leadership and challenge special interests that use greenwashing to hinder change.
New York (AirGuide - Airline & Travel News) Tue, Feb 18, 2014 - The Fur Council of Canada has launched a marketing campaign claiming that "fur is green" and that fur-lined clothing is "an ecological choice in harmony with nature." That's greenwashing, writes Caroline Lennon, noting that several European regulators have banned brands from making similar claims.
These include community capital, consumer behavior, ecological economics, green labeling, greenwashing, socially responsible investments, marketing, manufacturing practices, natural capital, public-private partnerships, sustainable value creation, triple bottom lines, and true cost economics.
Analysis of a randomly selected data base of 1,000 e-mail addresses yielding 239 usable survey replies sheds some light, including the following: Consumers are more apt to be green if they are satisfied with their financial condition and health; their ability to be green is influenced by overall economic conditions; and they are aware of "greenwashing" and somewhat skeptical of businesses' green claims.