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L., contemporary U.S. surgeon who designed the Greenfield filter. See: Greenfield filter.
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The company's range of Greenware Intel Core 2 Duo processor PCs can be easily recycled once their technology becomes obsolete and they pass their 'shelf life'.
Fabri-Kal (or F-K for short) commercialized its Greenware brand of PLA drink and portion cups at the start of 2005.
The Harry S Truman Building and the Foreign Service Institute cafeterias introduced "greenware" disposable food packaging and committed to reducing non-biodegradable waste.
Deborah O'Leary started Green Alaska Solutions, formerly Greenware Alaska, to offer an earth-friendly alternative to paper, plastic and Styrofoam disposable products.
Distributor of Creative Paradise & Clay Magic Molds.2)Wholesale greenware & bisque to ceramic shops & retirement villages.Large warehouse for owners & teachers to shop w/ 55,000 diverse greenware molds.
Cost-wise, greenware is often pricier than other plastics.
Made from corn and crystal clear, Greenware Deli Containers are available in five sizes from eight to 32 ounces with one common lid fit.
Dome lids to fit five of the Greenware cups have been launched, as well.
(Due to time restraints and limited kiln availability, I've learned to save myself a step by glazing prior to bisque firing, though students need to be careful as their pots become extremely delicate during this greenware stage!)
This brings it to the greenware state, when it is left to air dry and is inspected for any imperfections.
Practice and experience have demonstrated a need to process and fire both greenware and glazed bisque objects quickly to clear the limited storage space and to return the completed object to the camper.
Cherie purchases a greenware platter that has been cleaned of rough edges, dusted, and washed, from Ja-Mar Ceramics in Pelahatchie.