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The objectives of this work were to develop a method for efficiently initiating microspore embryogenesis by a chemical inducer formulation, and for producing large quantities of microspore-derived green plants from a wide spectrum of genotypes under optimal culture conditions.
The simplest model that appeared to be most predictive for green plant regeneration included four of the eight identified QTLs as main effects (psr129, abg019, dor4a, and abg705--see Table 2).
Analysis of variance indicated that the effects of genotype, planting date, and donor-plant growth environment on green plant regeneration were highly significant (P [is less than] 0.
The green plant philosophy of Coca-Cola will set an example for the green economy development.
The major "pollutant" was CO2, which in the presence of sunlight and water allows green plants to photosynthesise.
2 : inorganic substances (as nitrate and carbon dioxide) taken in by green plants and used to build organic nutrients
In order to grow, green plants pull water from the soil through their roots.
Coun Michael Clare, lead member for environment, housing and transport, said: "We have now taken the decision to just use an environmentally-friendly herbicide, glyphosate, that kills only actively-growing green plants.
Live green plants can be utilized in any room in the house.
Like all green plants, grasses use sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, and water to perform photosynthesis and grow.
Green plants may be regenerated from the embryos produced.
When exposed to light, green plants emit light in different wavelengths across the visible spectrum.