Green Nails

Nails with a greenish discolouration caused by Pseudomonas infection, often accompanied by chronic paronychia, onycholysis or onychotillomania and especially in people with abnormal nails exposed to a moist environment. A fluorescent pigment produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa (siderophore pyoverdin) is responsible for the green colour
Treatment Topical antibiotics
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Aside from her tattoos, her accessories were a diamond chocker by Giuseppe Zanotti Design, thunderbolt-shaped diamond earrings, a fringe clutch, as well as bright neon green nails.
Green nails and toungs of transgenetic sheep in dark
And, when clashing candy colours, accessorise with mint green nails - my favourite polish, Dior Vernis in Waterlily, is fresh and fun (pounds 17).
Luckily I might have longer arms than Amy so I managed to get there - or maybe my green nails helped.
Minty green nails, lavender lips and baby blue eyelids are the way to wear this trend, which dominated the catwalks of fashion houses including Dior, Viktor & Rolf and Versace.
The evil little girl grabbed my face with her green nails.
Look twice to catch onychomycosis in patients with green nails typical of bacterial infection with pseudomonas, she suggested.
There are green nails and deep purple ones, dramatic digits that yell to be noticed.