Green Journal

A popular term for certain journals in medical libraries
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* Use Green OA to comply: a green journal publishing strategy, where a journal which publishes non-free content, but allows the author to republish their article in open access repositories, does not demand much from the platform, since it is up to the author to facilitate alternative deposits.
In a pilot study of 10 patients published in Obstetrics and Gynecology (the Green Journal), the device rapidly and effectively controlled postpartum bleeding, with hemorrhage controlled within minutes for each mother.
Peer reviewed title: An Introduction to green marketing, Electronic Green Journal, 1(2).
Polonsky, M., (1994), "An introduction to green marketing", Electronic Green Journal, vol.
He has been published in Mythic Circle, Mythprint, Beyond Bree, The Electronic Green Journal, and The Steinbeck Review.
A review of the 1966 issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology (the Green Journal), offers a snapshot of the state of the science.
Perhaps the best way of highlighting the differing views can be found in this week's Tottenham & Wood Green Journal where Spurs' Tim Sherwood and Hugo Lloris were asked about the Europa League.
"He's representing the players, he's representing the club," he told the ( Tottenham & Wood Green Journal. "I don't think anyone can really argue with the fact that the atmosphere at White Hart Lane has been declining over the course of the last three, four or five years.
And UCLA's Electronic Green Journal, whose audience consists of the educated generalist as well as the academic specialist (librarian, information consultant) interested in worldwide environmental topics.
F1000Research is classified as a RoMEO green journal: a journal that allows pre-print and post-print publisher's version/PDF to be archived.
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Louis based Regeneration: A Journal of Left Green Social Thought to create the current Green journal Synthesis/Regeneration.