Green Journal

A popular term for certain journals in medical libraries
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1994), "An introduction to green marketing", Electronic Green Journal, vol.
He has been published in Mythic Circle, Mythprint, Beyond Bree, The Electronic Green Journal, and The Steinbeck Review.
Advertising directed at physicians --in both the Green Journal and in Ob.
Perhaps the best way of highlighting the differing views can be found in this week's Tottenham & Wood Green Journal where Spurs' Tim Sherwood and Hugo Lloris were asked about the Europa League.
uk/tottenham-hotspur/tottenham-hotspur/thst_chairman_discusses_avb_s_attack_and_the_atmosphere_at_white_hart_lane_1_2937557) Tottenham & Wood Green Journal.
And UCLA's Electronic Green Journal, whose audience consists of the educated generalist as well as the academic specialist (librarian, information consultant) interested in worldwide environmental topics.
Louis based Regeneration: A Journal of Left Green Social Thought to create the current Green journal Synthesis/Regeneration.
org and then click on the green Journal cover icon posted on this site.
uk/tottenham-hotspur/tottenham-hotspur/spurs_boss_discusses_the_next_step_in_harry_kane_s_development_1_2913102) Tottenham & Wood Green Journal.
2011;117:1263-5) in the Green Journal decrying the pricing strategy of a newly available, Food and Drug Administration-approved, injectable treatment for the prevention of preterm births highlight the difficulty in bringing more effective treatments to the market, and - on a broader scope - the current state of drug development in this country.
If you want to be champions, you have to win these 'small games'," he told the Tottenham and Wood Green Journal.
Publication in the Green Journal not only provides third party validation of our findings, but also provides health insurance companies and public healthcare systems worldwide with confirmation of the significance of our Pivotal study.