Green Hair

A ‘condition’ affecting light—blond, gray, white—haired persons who frequent swimming pools, due to assimilation of copper in hair matrix
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She had lovely green hair and green eyes, and she bowed low before Dorothy as she said, "Follow me and I will show you your room."
Slimy gaps and causeways, winding among old wooden piles, with a sickly substance clinging to the latter, like green hair, and the rags of last year's handbills offering rewards for drowned men fluttering above high-water mark, led down through the ooze and slush to the ebb-tide.
Annie DD, a software engineer with emerald green hair, had the idea to implant the RFID chip of her Tesla key card into her right forearm.
PS18, GREEN HAIR BANDANA: Turn heads and opt for a vibrant hair accessory to complete your style during this holiday season.
Rockin' the green Well I have green hair at the moment because I went to Let's Rock Scotland recently in Dalkeith - and I don't think I read the instructions properly, as it's not washing out and I'm going to Benidorm next week!
With dark makeup and a single strip of green hair reminiscent of Flint's style, Hales said the amount of support for him was hardly surprising.
In a recent picture, the 43-year-old was spotted on the set with his Joker makeup, green hair, and burgundy suit at a subway Station in New York City.
Passing by Superman waving at attendees and stopping to greet them while the Joker stands still with his green hair and wide, wounded smile taking selfies with fans who are all dressed in costumes and have been preparing for months for the gala event; that was one of the regular scenes at the 2018 Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC).
Grey, pink, purple and green hair colours are still pretty popular.
Glow Stick in Otherworldly, PS10, THERE'S no need for green hair, unless you're dressing as a witch, but a subtle and temporary change to your hair colour is fun.