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The dried leaves and tops of Artemisia absinthium (family Compositae). Now seldom used, the infusion formerly was used as a tonic; in large or frequently repeated doses it produces headache, trembling, and epileptiform convulsions.
Synonym(s): wormwood
[L., fr. G. apsinthion]


/worm·wood/ (werm´wood) a plant of the genus Artemisia, especially A. absinthium (common wormwood), which is used to make the liqueur absinthe.
A perennial shrub that contains absinthum—a bitter principle—carotene, tannins, vitamin C, and volatile oils,—e.g., thujone and chamazulene; wormwood was once used as an anthelmintic, emmenagogue, an appetite stimulant, and to increased gastric and bile secretion
Toxicity Convulsions, impotence, muscular weakness, nausea, vomiting, and possibly death; per the FDA, wormwood is ‘unsafe’


1. A woody European herb (Artemisia absinthium) formerly used as a flavoring agent, tonic, and vermifuge. The active principle is thujone (q.v.).
2. A liquor consisting of 60-75% ethanol flavored with absinthium, anise, fennel, and other herbs, long banned in the U.S. and some other countries because of its toxic effects and addictiveness.
Synonym(s): wormwood.


n Latin name:
Artemisia absinthum; parts used: leaves, flowering shoots; uses: anthelmintic, bacteriostatic, antispasmodic, carminative, flow of bile, menstrual irregularities, febrifuge, sedative, stimulation of physiologic processes, general health, joint inflammation, digestion; nutrient absorption, anorexia nervosa, antitumor activity, wound healing, muscle sprain, gall bladder dysfunction, liver dysfunction; precautions: adolescence; may cause mental deterioration; may damage nervous system; and may be toxic in large quantities. Also called
absintalsem, absinth sagewort, absinth wormwood, absinthe, ajenjo, ajenjo oficial, common wormwood, feuilles ameres, niga-yomogi, old woman, oldman, pelin, wormwood, and


see artemisiaabsinthium.
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