Green Extract

A fluid extract concentrate of a herb prepared from fresh, pressed, and strained juicy leaves; 1 g of green extract = 1 g of pure herb
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A blackish green extract thus obtained was stored at 2 to 8C till further use.
The beauty shelves are packed with exotic products that draw on local ingredients and fragrances immediately evoke the essence the destination, whether that's Argan oil from Morocco or green extract from the Far East.
The activated carbon absorbs the caffeine from the aqueous green extract due to its surface activity.
A report by MPs alleges Green extracted PS300million before selling BHS for PS1 to a thricebankrupt former racing driver.
FORMER BHS boss Philip Green extracted hundreds of millions from the collapsed high-street chain while leaving their pension fund with a massive deficit, a Parliamentary inquiry have found.
Bananas treated with the aqueous extract and the hydroalcoholic wild type and rosemary green extracts had the lowest amounts of soluble solids, but the SS did not differ amongst themselves and from the SS contents of the control treatment.
In this regard, there is a need to eradicate completely the pathogens from potato seeds and soil using safe green extracts from studied medicinal plants.