Green Card

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A pale green—formerly white and salmon-coloured—document that identifies an immigrant as a permanent US resident and, for physicians in specialty training, allows them the option to stay in the US after finishing training
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His boss has tried three times to obtain green cards for him and Lucio, to no avail.
Bertrand Emond, head of membership and training at Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association, which trained more than 5,000 food and drink manufacturing employees last year, mostly on supervisory and management courses at Levels 3 and 4, said: "The Green Card is a very good concept.
Green card holders can travel freely throughout the country, eventually apply for citizenship and even invite relatives to live with them and apply for green cards, as well.
With a track record of providing UAE investors with US residency and Green Cards within months, they hold the key in bridging the gap between East and West.
The green card system is a prime example of the hospitality of American democracy.
The Babiera family green card drama is the unfortunate consequence of a law that no longer corresponds to the reality of the flow of immigrants into the United States.
You will need 3 small paper plates Green paint Green glitter glue Sticky tape Green card Method Paint the front of the plates green and leave to dry.
The Green Card Lottery, also known as the Diversity Visa program, is an annual lottery mandated by the United States Congress and administered by the United States State Department for the purpose of increasing diversity within immigration numbers.
The green card would give the women's husbands and children all civil rights except political rights, such as the right to vote and to acquire the Lebanese nationality.
Those who've had a straight run of green cards across each half term are selected from a hat to take afternoon tea with the head.
An immigrant's ``place in line'' for a green card would correspond to the length of time he or she had been in the U.
Another source adds: "She is promising these kids a miracle, a green card that, unless they marry an American citizen, there is no way they can get because they are undocumented.