Green Blood

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A marked shift in the colour of blood from deep red to avocado green/black which in humans is vanishingly rare, and attributed to sulphhaemoglobin evoked by therapeutic use of sulfonamides including sumatriptan used for migraines; the colour reverses itself upon discontinuation of sulphur-based agents
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HEALTH p17 not all blood is red: spiders, octopuses and crustaceans have blue blood, and some types of worms and leeches have green blood.
Taking up both of these threads, the installation in her show at Karma International's recently inaugurated new gallery in Zurich, Amazon Spirits (Green Blood), 2018, was as subtle as it was stunning.
Don't forget your daily dose of green blood, especially if you don't get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet.
A strange family of lizards living in New Guinea has got toxic, lime green blood running through its veins, a weird physiological feature that scientists have not been fully able to explain.
With green blood comes Granny Smith-colored muscles and bones and a bluegreen mouth, exposed during defensive posturing.
The genetically modified zebrafish embryos were transparent and had fluorescently marked green blood vessels.
And yet, the green blood of the Celtics flows through veins of gold, pumping oxygen back to the heart of the NBA's winningest franchise.
It is simply that green blood seems copiously to run in his own veins, even if the peso, unlike the dollar, does not qualify as a greenback.
I don't think we have green blood. We also have red blood like you.
It only reinforced the deep Atlantic green that later fell from gold in Sacre Coeur, fighting off the torrents of green blood in my poems, my eyes.
The criminals wore prosthetics masks with animatronic eyeballs and bled green blood. So did Brogan's alien police colleagues.