greatest length

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great·est length

measurement from the cranial to caudal end of the embryo before folding, as during the third and early fourth weeks.
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The greatest length or breadth of a full grown inhabitant of Flatland may be estimated at about eleven of your inches.
Having noticed that the number indicating the greatest depth was apparently in the centre of the map, I laid a rule on the map lengthwise, and then breadthwise, and found, to my surprise, that the line of greatest length intersected the line of greatest breadth exactly at the point of greatest depth, notwithstanding that the middle is so nearly level, the outline of the pond far from regular, and the extreme length and breadth were got by measuring into the coves; and I said to myself, Who knows but this hint would conduct to the deepest part of the ocean as well as of a pond or puddle?
In order to see how nearly I could guess, with this experience, at the deepest point in a pond, by observing the outlines of a surface and the character of its shores alone, I made a plan of White Pond, which contains about forty-one acres, and, like this, has no island in it, nor any visible inlet or outlet; and as the line of greatest breadth fell very near the line of least breadth, where two opposite capes approached each other and two opposite bays receded, I ventured to mark a point a short distance from the latter line, but still on the line of greatest length, as the deepest.
The distance was short, the center of the camp being but a mile from the harbor, and less than half a mile from the opposite shore of the island which was but two miles at its greatest breadth, and two and a quarter at its greatest length.
At the last moment he found it difficult to part with his rope, which, with his knife, was his most accustomed weapon, and one which he had used for the greatest length of time.
Greatest length of skull###11.75+-0.35###13.69+-0.25###12.48+-0.34###11.83+-0.30###15.00+-0.15
In standard biopsy, Gleason upgrading was inversely correlated with the cancer volume, including greatest length and percentage of cancer in any cancer core, and greatest length and percentage of cancer in any cancer core containing GP 4 (Table 3).
The best rooting was observed in MS medium supplemented with 4.0 mgL-1 BAP and 1.0 mgL-1 NAA, which produced the highest number of roots (31.50) per explant and greatest length of root (5.62 cm).
On the other hand, we evaluated the relationship between the greatest length of skull and the tail width, then the tail width did not show a strong correlation with the greatest length of skull (r = 0.251, p < 0.05) in U.
SD = standard deviation, GLS = greatest length of skull, LBC = length of braincase, BBC = breadth of braincase, HBC = height of braincase, CCV = cranial capacity volume, OCV = estimate of outer cranial volume.

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