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Before you release gray water, ask your environmental officer or NCO about your unit's gray water policy.
The permits will allow individuals or businesses to reroute their gray water, which until now has joined sewage in going to a treatment plant, and use it for irrigation.
My experience with gray water started when I was 12 years old.
[4] Niyonzima, S., 2006, "Assessing the Potential of a Constructed Wetland in Gray water Treatment," M.Sc.
Regarding water re-use in the house, a gray water system is being introduced.
But there's another, often overlooked, way: using gray water. The wastewater generated by your sink, shower, washing machine and dishwasher can cut utility bills while reducing a household's water footprint.
EPA) determine whether the existing state of Alaska discharge standards for sewage and gray water from cruise ships operating in Alaskan waters are adequate or if more stringent standards are needed.
You may also want to consider larger conservation-specific changes, like installing a gray water system or purchasing a composting toilet.
We're also doing much more with gray water, and are planning on using waterless urinals once approved by the appropriate New York City authorities.
Mount Brandon rises dramatically from the "rocky fields and gray water" of the Dingle Peninsula.
I sipped an Arnold Palmer and looked at how it all came together: blue sky, white clouds, brown trees, green grass, gray water, and the wind letting you smell it all.
Highlights of the renovation project include a gray water system that uses constructed wetlands to treat used water from sinks and showers.