Grapefruit Juice Effect

The effect that grapefruit juice has on the body, in particular, by increasing the effects of some drugs, due to the bergamottin in grapefruit juice, which blocks cytochrome P-450 CYP3A4 and CYP1A2, which in turn increases the serum levels of those drugs metabolised by those cytochrome P-450 pathways serum levels of certain drugs
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Tests on a new hybrid grapefruit developed in Florida found very low levels of the organic chemical compounds implicated in what is known as the "grapefruit juice effect," said Fred Gmitter, a University of Florida citrus researcher and breeder.
It all began nearly 20 years ago when David G Bailey, PhD and his research team discovered the "Grapefruit Juice Effect." They found that the same liver enzyme metabolizes grapefruit and breaks down a number of drugs.
Bergamottin is "an important lead, but the jury is still out" on whether it causes the grapefruit juice effect, says David G.
Bailey and his colleagues first stumbled across the grapefruit juice effect in 1989, while studying how alcohol interacts with a drug called felodipine, used to treat high blood pressure.