Grape Diet

A fruit-based diet that allegedly prevents cancer
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One of the most famous and simplest detox diet is the grape diet. This diet requires you to eat only grapes and nothing else.
Further analysis revealed that the grape diet resulted in lower levels of inflammatory proteins and higher amounts of protective proteins in the retinas.
ing are of ng If all that pretending has you worn out, perhaps you'd be better off with THE GRAPE DIET. ou be PE Not only will you shed bucket loads of weight eating only ONE grape a day, but you'll also save yourself money on groceries.
Total ACF were reduced (P<0.05) in bilberry, chokeberry, and grape diet groups compared with the control group.
Frank McCoy of Los Angeles, it is always a good plan to take a grape diet for a few days during the vintage season, using no other food of any kind but grapes." Yuk!