Grape Cell

A large—30–80-µm—variant ‘reticulum cell’ with a small nucleus, condensed chromatin and regular, rounded spaces filled with immunoglobulins separated by wisps of bluish cytoplasm, occasionally seen in the bone marrow of multiple myeloma, and other conditions with increased immunoglobulin production
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Grape cell walls form a physical barrier between the juice in the vacuole of berry cells and the outside medium.
Enhancement of anthocyanin synthesis and dihydroflavonol reductase (DFR) activity in response to phosphate deprivation in grape cell suspensions.
10) Utilizing advanced molecular technology, the research team that conducted these studies evaluated possible inhibitory effects of grape cell culture extract and subfractions on human DNA topoisomerase II catalytic activity.
Grape Cell Vacuoles: Structure-Function and Solute Transport Across the Tonoplast
Once the virus DNA is inserted into grape cell DNA, the vine is never free of the disease.
The extractablity step in the process--getting the tannins out of the grape solid material and into must--has been investigated, with a focus on the role played by grape cell walls.
Tissue-specific and developmental modifications of grape cell walls influence the adsorption of proanthocyanidins.
He captured the sum of all genetic instructions or transcripts present in a Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay grape cell with a microarray.
One factor he singles out is the role of polysaccharides, complex, flavorless carbohydrates found in grape cell walls.
To understand how Semillon grapes adapt to the fungus, Cantu explored the set of all transcripts or genetic instructions present in infected grape cells simultaneously.
And without irrigation water from bloom to veraison, grape cells stop dividing and the canes stop growing before the fruit begins to ripen.