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(Gräfenberg), Ernst, German gynecologist in U.S., 1881-1957.
Graefenberg ring - obsolete term for a silver or silkworm gut ring designed for insertion into the uterine cavity as a means of contraception.
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Grafenberg, Germany, June 13, 2019 --( RAMPF Tooling Solutions is making high-performance epoxy and polyurethane materials for pattern and mold making the focus of its exhibit at GIFA 2019 in Dusseldorf, June 25 to 29 - Booth 15C25 / Hall 15.
Ernst Grafenberg was the first to describe the G-spot as an erogenous zone approximately half a centimeter in size, below the urethra on the anterior wall of the vagina, but the first reports of its presence date back much further.
I had no reason to doubt Dr Ernst Grafenberg, the gynaecologist who identified the intimate pleasure button in 1950.
In the upscale Grafenberg district, where mansions jostle for coveted hillside space on the edge of the forest, you might see an older gentleman walking his dog and a few times a year, a well-heeled audience gathers to have a flutter at the nearby racecourse.
(1998) Ocean-generated microseismic noise located with the Grafenberg array.
37) der riter sprach 'wie quwme daz?' (Wirnt von Grafenberg, Wigalois, 3106) [El caballero pregunto: <<?Como seria eso posible?>>] 38) do daz mwre uz kam und vrouwe Enite vernam (Hartmann von Aue, Erec, 2826) [Cuando la noticia se difundio y dona Enite se entero] No obstante, ha sido posible constatar su empleo igualmente como verbo para referirse a la accion de <<traducir>> o, mas concretamente, de <<ser traducido>>.
The G-spot, G for "Grafenberg" should be renamed F-spot , which stands for fantasy spot, ( opines Sarah Berry of the Sydney Morning Herald.
Step One: Find what has come to be known as your G-spot; don't call it that, it is named after Grafenberg, a man.
Lopez says the store name G Stuff is a pun on G-Spot (Grafenberg Spot or the woman's erogenous zone).