Graefe, Albrecht von

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Graefe, Albrecht von

Ger. ophthalmologist, 1828–1870.

Graefe forceps

Serrated ophthalmologic forceps, straight or curved.

Graefe sign

Failure of the upper lid to follow a downward movement of the eyeball when the patient changes his or her vision from looking up to looking down. This finding, referred to colloquially as “lid lag, ” is seen in Graves' disease (hyperthyroidism) with exophthalmos.
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(Gräfe, Graffe), Albrecht von, German ophthalmologist, 1828-1870.
Graefe cataract knife
Graefe disease - chronic progressive ophthalmoplegia.
Graefe eye speculum
Graefe forceps - a small thumb forceps with one horizontal row of six or eight delicate teeth across each tip.
Graefe iris forceps
Graefe knife - a narrow-bladed knife used in making a section of the cornea.
Graefe operation - (1) cataract removal by a limbal incision with capsulotomy and iridectomy; - (2) iridectomy for glaucoma.
Graefe sign - in Graves disease, lag of the upper eyelid as it follows the rotation of the eyeball downward. Synonym(s): von Graefe sign
Graefe spots - small areas over the vertebrae or near the supraorbital foramen, pressure upon which causes relaxation of blepharofacial spasm.
pseudo-Graefe phenomenon - retraction of the upper eyelid on downward movement of the eyes.
von Graefe cautery
von Graefe cystotome
von Graefe electrocautery
von Graefe knife needle
von Graefe sign - Synonym(s): Graefe sign
von Graefe strabismus hook
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