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It is a form of benign congenital tumor first described by von Graefe as an epibulbar osteoma in 1863.
Fue descrito inicialmente por von Graefe y Saemisch en 1880, Harlam en 1881 y Chrisholm en 1882 (Villafranca y col.
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Allsman and Graefe each have more than a decade of experience handling matters specific to the unique needs of the franchise community.
As members of these groups were not expected to seek employment, the provinces had few workforce development services geared for them (Noel 2015; Graefe 2015).
Third, in "Bemerkungen zu den Vignetten von Tempelszenen als abstracts des Ritualverlaufs," Erhart Graefe begins by summarizing the range of views on how temple scenes relate to ritual performance (from a script, to depictions not to be followed at all).
Central serous retinopathy (CSR), also known as central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), a common retinal disorder which causes visual impairment was first introduced by Albrecht von Graefe in 1866 as 'recurrent central retinitis' (von Graefe, 1866) and later Donald Gass coined the term 'central serous chorioretinopathy' for its typical clinical presentation.
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A wide range of circumstances, including proximity to urban areas, industrial composition, racial/ethnic makeup, and level of poverty vary widely across areas that share a rural designation (Lichter & Graefe, 2011).
McIntyre & Pigram, 1992; Moore & Graefe, 1994) have shown that activity involvement and place attachment are positively correlated with past experiences.
Gordon & Easson, 2005; Graefe & Armstrong, 2011).
59) Peter Graefe contributes a fine essay on developments in Quebec.