Giuseppe, Italian otologist, 1859-1926. See: Gradenigo syndrome.
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In 1907, Guisseppe Gradenigo described a symptom complex of suppurative otitis media, pain in the distribution of the trigeminal nerve, and abducens (6th) nerve palsy [6].
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The classic Gradenigo syndrome triad is completed with the addition of diplopia due to involvement of the abducens nerve in the Dorello canal in the petroclival region and deafness due to concurrent suppurative otitis media (2, 21).
Clinical findings were compatible with the classic triad of Gradenigo's syndrome.
The detailed knowledge of the area where Dorello's canal has elucidated the mechanism of cranial nerve VI palsy in several pathological conditions, such as intracranial pressure, hypoplasia of the canal (Chua et al., 2011), aneurysms and Gradenigo syndrome caused by infection and inflammation of the apex (Ambekar et al).
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