Gracey curette

Gra·cey cu·rette

(grāsē kyūr-et)
A curved or hooked implement; its blade consists of a compound-curved bend at the end of the shank and two cutting edges formed by the junction of the outer and inner surfaces.
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CHICAGO (June 30, 2016) -- Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments and products, today announced the addition of Gracey Curette designs to its line of EverEdge 2.
The unique Gracey curette blade design features one lower cutting edge, which allows adaptation to a specific tooth surface.
Gracey Curettes, a series of double-sided, area-specific instruments, are ideal for the successful removal of deposits from root surfaces.
Affiliations: Hu Friedy, the company that introduced the world renowned Gracey Curette, is affliated with many universities worldwide as well as Key Opinion Leader dentists and researchers in various specialties.
Briefly, a sterile Gracey curette was used to collect a pooled plaque sample from five different sites: enamel biofilm from bucco-gingival surfaces of the molars and incisors (51 and 55), decayed dentine from inside the lesions of the same teeth, and saliva.
Scanning electron microscope assessment of several resharpening techniques on the cutting edges of gracey curettes.
Since my first week of clinical practice, I have wished for a set of modified Gracey curettes to use on patients with tight periodontal tissue," Pattison said.
I learned to use Gracey curettes and scale subgingivally.
Universal and Gracey curettes are the instruments of choice in sulci of normal depth.