Gowers disease

Gow·ers dis·ease

1. Synonym(s): saltatory spasm
2. a distal type of progressive muscular dystrophy.
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Sir William Richard, English neurologist, 1845-1915.
Gowers column - a bundle of fibers that conveys proprioceptive and exteroceptive information largely from the opposite lower extremity. Synonym(s): anterior spinocerebellar tract; Gowers tract
Gowers contraction - contraction of the calf muscles when the anterior surface of the leg is struck. Synonym(s): front-tap contraction
Gowers disease - a distal type of progressive muscular dystrophy. Synonym(s): saltatory spasm
Gowers solution - solution used to count red blood cells.
Gowers syndrome - syndrome consisting of palpitation, chest pain, respiratory difficulties, and disturbances in gastric motility, now considered psychogenic. Synonym(s): vagal attack; vasovagal attack
Gowers tract - Synonym(s): Gowers column
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