Gowers column

an·te·ri·or spi·no·cer·e·bel·lar tract

a bundle of fibers originating in the base of the posterior horn and zona intermedia throughout lumbosacral segments of the spinal cord, crossing to the opposite side and ascending in a peripheral position in the ventral half of the lateral funiculus. In its ascent through the rhombencephalon, the tract curves sharply dorsalward along the rostral border of the trigeminal motor nucleus, entering the cerebellum in a caudal direction over the surface of the superior cerebellar peduncle, and terminating as mossy fibers in the granular layer of the cortex of the cerebellar vermis. The bundle conveys proprioceptive and exteroceptive information largely from the opposite lower extremity, although some of its fibers recross in the cerebellum.
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Gowers column

The tract of ascending fibers anterior to the direct cerebellar column and on the lateral surface of the spinal cord.
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Sir William Richard, English neurologist, 1845-1915.
Gowers column - a bundle of fibers that conveys proprioceptive and exteroceptive information largely from the opposite lower extremity. Synonym(s): anterior spinocerebellar tract; Gowers tract
Gowers contraction - contraction of the calf muscles when the anterior surface of the leg is struck. Synonym(s): front-tap contraction
Gowers disease - a distal type of progressive muscular dystrophy. Synonym(s): saltatory spasm
Gowers solution - solution used to count red blood cells.
Gowers syndrome - syndrome consisting of palpitation, chest pain, respiratory difficulties, and disturbances in gastric motility, now considered psychogenic. Synonym(s): vagal attack; vasovagal attack
Gowers tract - Synonym(s): Gowers column
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