Gower sign

A clinical sign for the manner in which children with well-developed Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy (DMD) rise from a sitting to a standing position by grasping and pulling on body parts from the knees to hips until they are in an erect position
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Gow·er sign

(gowĕr sīn)
Use of arms and hands to "climb up the thighs" in assuming an erect posture; indicative of proximal muscle weakness.
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On examination bilateral calf muscles hypertrophy with positive Gower sign. Past medical history was uneventful with normal foetal movements and uncomplicated labour at 40 weeks of gestation.
Calf muscles were hypertrophied with positive Gower sign and high CPK suggesting muscle dystrophy.
Brendan Rodgers' departure to Liverpool and Laudrup's installation as the new Swansea City manager was the third managerial change since Gower signed for the club on a free transfer in 2008.