Gustaf F., Swedish physiologist, 1874-1949. See: Göthlin test.
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WABAG's Middle East and Africa, Managing Director, Erik Gothlin said: "Securing this high value order gives me immense pleasure since the joint venture has won this order competing against some of the renowned international players in the water space.
The authors thank Erik Joas and Anne Ingeborg Berg for statistical advice, Johannes Eldblom for visual rating, and Mattias Gothlin and Ewa Styrud for data base assistance.
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Osteoclasts have been identified, primarily by morphological criteria, as large, multi-nucleated cells which contact calcified bone matrix and exhibit ruffled borders surrounded by clear zones (Gothlin & Ericsson, 1976).
Eva Gothlin argues that Beauvoir's more radical break with Cartesian dualism locates her work nearer to Heidegger's than to Sartre's; Sara Heinamaa turns to Husserl as the most fundamental source of Beauvoir's conception of embodiment; and Monica Langer explores the importance of notions of ambiguity in Beauvoir's work and argues that they place her closer to Merleau-Ponty than to Sartre.
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