intraoral tracing

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in·tra·o·ral trac·ing

(intră-ōrăl trāsing)
A drawing of mandibular movements using a device attached to the opposing arches; its shape resembles that of an arrowhead or a pointed (i.e., Gothic) arch; when the instrument's marking point is at the apex of the arch, the jaws are considered to be in centric relation.
Synonym(s): arrow point tracing, Gothic arch tracing, Gothic arch, needlepoint tracing, stylus tracing.
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In group I (the gothic arch tracing method), a statistically significant reduction in pain intensity (VAS) was observed (p = 0.0041).
Surgical modification for preventing a gothic arch after aortic arch repair without the use of foreign material.
Shoulder arthroplasty for fracture: restoration of the "gothic arch".
Like the Gothic arch and Gothic decoration, they will find their reflex in the created world of the builders and all the rest of us.
Gothic arch grooves at the raceway contacts of the MPR Guides enable the slides to sustain loads from any direction.
Eliot's Four Quartets, presents the eucharistic bread and chalice in a protected space at the center of the print, set off by a Gothic arch and an uneven floor of white space; under the floor a multitude of little troll-like men and animals crouch and sway, holding up a roof of rock, and under their feet in a ghostly sea swim sharks.
Students first made their own Gothic arch windows with construction paper, colored tissue paper, and glue.
Here, the two fundamentalisms of Hamas and Kach support one another like the two sides of a Gothic arch.
The spacious master bedroom suite has an impressive contemporary Gothic Arch style window to the front, recessed downlights and doors leading into the dressing room and ensuite.
You will come to the Gothic Arch, the entrance to the Menagerie, both from the mid-1700s.
4 At fork in path, take left branch along the lake to the large cedar tree and you'll come to the Gothic Arch, entrance to the Menagerie Garden.
The modern fitted kitchen/breakfast room has hand-built wooden units with Gothic arch features, replicating those of the windows.