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Surgery A versatile proprietary synthetic composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, which is biologically similar to fascia and used for abdominal and thoracic wall, pediatric and diaphragmatic reconstructions, rectal, vaginal and urethral suspension, hernia repair, fascial defects
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The produced fiber webs were compared with an existing well-known commercial protective multilayered fabric named gortex, eventually.
The subclavian artery was then bypassed with 6 mm ringed gortex graft from the arch of the aorta to the second portion of the left subclavian artery (Figure-2).
Martin ensures the Bengal Pro remains quiet and shock-free with four Gibration Gortex GEMs (Vibration Escape Modules).
In my opinion he missed what Dunbar was originally saying about organisations, instead over-emphasising the influence of one single example of the firm that manufactures Gortex, and how the company restricted factory sizes to 150 in order to enhance community spirit.
Items stolen included two Sony Vaio laptops worth a total of pounds 950, a Bose iPod docking station and iPod Nano worth a total of pounds 340, a gold Raymond Weil men's watch worth pounds 1,000, and a princess cut diamond encrusted cross pendant worth pounds 2,000as well as a man's black Gortex jacket and a black holdall.
Leather boots with moisture-proof and breathable Gortex will keep feet warm and dry as opposed to rubber boots, which collect sweat and cause cold toes.
The conveyor has a filter of either sintered HDPE or Gortex.
Before A"I'll call you back,A" when people made dates, before algorithms, when there was aimlessness, before attitude, when there was apathy, before YouTube, when there was you and me, before Gortex, in the damp, before sweat-resistant fabric, when sweat was sexy, before high-tech sneakers, as we walked the walk, before remotes, in the era of distance, I'm sure we managed just the same.
This will include two pairs of Brasher Krypton Gortex walking books, Brasher boot protector spray and two pairs of Brasher walking socks.
He handed over one Bergen, a camouflaged Gortex jacket and trousers, a pair of size nine boots, a thermos, mess tin, helmet, gloves, sweater, rations, bivvy bag and the all-important ear defenders.
Surgeons mended the holes in Olivia's heart with Gortex - a fabric used in raincoats.