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Surgery A versatile proprietary synthetic composed of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, which is biologically similar to fascia and used for abdominal and thoracic wall, pediatric and diaphragmatic reconstructions, rectal, vaginal and urethral suspension, hernia repair, fascial defects
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The firm also invented GoreTex, the all-weather, waterproof and breathable fabric loved by hillwalkers and mountaineers around the world.
Features include no-sew uppers that resist abrasion and have waterproof, breathable GORETEX Extended Comfort linings.
Large gastroschisis: primary repair with GoreTex patch.
Durable, American-made wader with three-layer GoreTex in light color for salt and freshwater environs.
It should be noted that the puncture may actually cross the remnant atrial tissue instead of the synthetic material (e.g., Dacron or Goretex) in the case of a Senning baffle, which will make the task less tough.[sup][2]
The jacket, which uses GoreTex Pro fabric, offers "maximum protection," Jordan says, and is engineered purely for cycling, though versatile enough to accommodate a range of conditions and activities.
* Variables socio-demograficas, destacando: El 93% de los pacientes eran portadores de FAVI o Goretex, el 7% Cateter Venoso Central.
Talking about outer shells, compared to a standard GoreTex garment, a Pyrad one is 5-7% heavier and has a slightly lower breathability.
Kemal Celebi, a postdoc in Park's laboratory and also one of the lead authors of the study, said their membrane is not only very light and flexible, but it is also a thousand fold more breathable than Goretex.
This boot is made from leather, but has recently been updated to include a modern breathable Goretex lining.
"This is a proper expedition, but it commemorates the time we were there as boys, walking around the Welsh hills until we were falling down, in hobnail boots with no Goretex jackets or anything like that.