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Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1869-1953. See: Gordon reflex, Gordon sign, Gordon symptom.
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Gordon was a man by nature ill-suited to be a schoolmaster: he was impatient and choleric.
Gordon struck terror in his heart; and the master, quick to discern the boys who were frightened of him, seemed on that account to take a peculiar dislike to him.
Gordon has black-booked you for 'gross impertinence.' What was it?"
Gordon used to call me a gipsy counter-jumper when I was in his form."
When we go out o' doors, such a set of ragamuffins comes a- shouting after us, "Gordon forever!" that I'm ashamed of myself and don't know where to look.
You just accept Philippa Gordon, as the Lord made her, with all her faults, and I believe you'll come to like her.
Gordons seem to share an inherent understanding of their stately history, carrying themselves with a grace and elegance that hint at royal lineage.
'I would love a cup of tea!'" Youngest son Scott followed the two Gordons into professional football.
The Gordon legend prompts newspapers to such phrases as "from a poverty-stricken childhond" and "from rags to riches." In actuality, although the Gordons weren't well off, they spent their summer vacations at Stanwell Park Lake, where they were able to buy a weekender.
About four years ago the Gordons acquired a mold to make canoes of Royalex, a laminate made with ABS plastic, and Buffalo Canoes began.
We readily acknowledge that there are plenty of fine hunting Gordons out there; the primary objective of the article was to point out the different types that exist within the breed and to advise buyers to study them carefully to improve their chances of getting the gun dog that best suits their needs.
Even though Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) faced several upheavals in his life from the past few seasons of "Gotham," he was able to make it through because of the support given by his friends and loved ones.