finger phenomenon

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fin·ger phe·nom·e·non

a sign of organic hemiplegia; with the patient's elbow resting on a table, the patient's wrist is grasped by the examiner's hand, the thumb of which is used to exert pressure on the radial side of the patient's pisiform bone; if the hemiplegia is organic, some or all of the patient's fingers become extended and spread out in a fanlike form.
Synonym(s): Gordon sign
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Alfred, U.S. neurologist, 1874-1953.
Gordon reflex - dorsal flexion of the great toe produced by firm lateral pressure on the calf muscles. Synonym(s): paradoxical flexor reflex
Gordon sign - a sign of organic hemiplegia. Synonym(s): finger phenomenon
Gordon symptom - the occurrence of an appreciable interval after the production of a reflex before relaxation. Synonym(s): tonic reflex
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Mention should also be made of Babinski-like reflexes such as the Schaeffer, Oppenheim and Gordon signs. Schaeffer's sign is an extensor plantar reflex occurring while squeezing the Achillian tendon; Oppenheim's sign can be obtained by scratching downward the medial side of the tibia; Gordon's sign comes from squeezing the muscles in the calf; all of the three signs result in the dorsiflexion of the big toe in pyramidal tract dysfunctions (PTD).
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