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Referring to the convoluted twisting of a short tubular structure, likened to a goose’s neck
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If you tow with a pickup, frame-attached hitch mounts are typically located ahead of the rear axle (gooseneck and fifth wheel) or behind it (tagalong).
The 20"/50.8cm flexible gooseneck, combined with swivel head camera module, allows for superior positioning flexibility and ease of connection to most industry standard classroom microscopes.
The non-ground-bearing gooseneck works under hydraulic power provided by either the truck tractor or by a self-contained system on the trailer, explains Load King's Miller.
Pharad is the leading supplier and manufacturer of tactical video receiver antennas, including gooseneck antennas and body worn antennas.
Features include 3x optical zoom, a split screen, seamless switchovers and a flexible gooseneck design.
For example a 14,000-pound GTWR flatbed trailer with a gooseneck hitch might have a pair of 6,400-pound GAWR axles under it.
This new welder is designed to withstand harsh work environments and has a unique quick-change taper lock seating gooseneck that allows the neck to be removed and installed quickly and is timed for repeatability.
The major feature is the Medusa multihead gooseneck floor lamp, which continues to drive sales and is prominently positioned in sales circulars.
"Predominantly what we sell are hydraulically removable gooseneck trailers, with a capacity range from 35 to 100 tons," says Bill Staddon, product and sales manager, Etnyre Trailer Company, Oregon, Illinois.