Good Clinical Practices

Good Clin·i·cal Prac·tic·es

(GCP) (gud klin'i-kăl prak'tis-ĕz)
A standard of quality for use in assessment of clinical trials in humans; intended to standardize concepts and data management of health care statistics worldwide.
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Dr Amiri said that in "addition to consulting patients, pharmacists need to be up to date on good clinical practices, clinical standards, guidelines and drug safety.
Guidelines for Principles and Essentials of Good Clinical Practices of Advanced Treatment Medicinal Products
However, in many cases these organisations have been found to be lacking in competence, infrastructure and good clinical practices.
The drug discovery research will target 10 diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, and the establishment of platforms for Good Laboratory Practices and Good Clinical Practices.
Reference to REB review is also made under the section describing sponsors' obligations with respect to good clinical practices.
The new name more accurately reflects the company's strategic value in successfully orchestrating all of the protocol, patient and logistical factors associated with planning and conducting in-home and alternative-site based clinical trial visits to meet regulatory guidelines and ensure adherence to Good Clinical Practices (GCP).
Acurian also will continue as a Global Impact Partner and sponsor of 2015 Good Business Practices and Good Clinical Practices webinars.
SM] announced today its completion of a Good Clinical Practices (GCP) audit to confirm its adherence to current U.
The independent investigator concluded that MannKind is, and was, taking prudent measures under Good Clinical Practice regulations to meet the requirements of Good Clinical Practices, and that there was no evidence of any deception or intent on the part of MannKind to deceive the FDA.
GCC has an incredible team of talented professionals and an amazing track record of pioneering technology-based clinical research solutions that greatly advance good clinical practices.