n.pr chiropractic technique in which thrusts are directed in the direction opposite to that of the complaint area. X-rays assist the chiropractor in pinpointing the area to be treated.
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O'Hara Chiropractic teaches the Gonstead technique to students.
A strong factor in this bond is the fact that both uphold Gonstead techniques as the most sound in the industry.
Fulmer, who specializes in the Diversified, Activator, Thompson, Gonstead, and Toggle techniques, is located at 2102 Forest Drive, Suite 4, Gray.
Dr Ross Currie, of the Hyndland Clinic, is an expert in the Gonstead System, a branch of chiropractic which originates from America.
Ed Roberts of Winnetka received the 2003 Student of the Year award from the Gonstead Clinical Studies Society.
The award is given to people who have demonstrated outstanding service to the chiropractic profession and their commitment to Gonstead.
He is proficient in the practice of 12 techniques of Chiropractic including Gonstead, Thompson, Palmer, Activator, Palmer, Sacro-Occipital, Diversified, and Cox.
He received his degree from Cleveland College of Chiropractic where he received the Leadership Award for his service as President of the Gonstead club.
The Gonstead Clinic is kitted out with a roof terrace, DVD room and XBox games to help patients relax.
BULLETIN BOARD: NMXS) , a leading provider of next generation digital asset management solutions, announced today it has reached a sales agreement with Gonstead Family Chiropractic Future International Franchise of Arizona, New Mexico, California and Canada for integrating New Mexico Software's Digital Filing Cabinet into their practice management solutions.
James Warlick, founder of the Gonstead Family Chiropractic Future International Franchise, said, "We're excited about the prospects of utilizing custom built New Mexico Software products in our practice management solutions.