Gongylonema pulchrum

Gon·gy·lo·ne·ma pul·'chrum

the gullet worm of cattle; a species that penetrates the submucosa of the esophagus or rumen of many domestic and wild ruminants, pigs, bears, and humans (human cases are chiefly caused by immature worms); it is transmitted by coprophagous beetles and is of worldwide distribution.
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Three species of helminths (Schistosoma japonicum, Gongylonema pulchrum and Gaigeria pachysoelis) were found as single infections; whereas 24 species occurred in combinations of two and/or
A) Nasua narica Angiostrongylus costaricensis (N) Odocoileus virginianus Ashworthius patriciapillitae * (N) Eucyathostomum webbi (N) Gongylonema pulchrum (N) Mazamastrongylus sp.