Gone Camping

A flippant term referring to a patient’s confinement to an oxygen tent
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I had gone camping but once in my life, and then I left the party almost at its start and returned to the comforts and conveniences of a roof.
According to details, some people had gone camping at Uhtra area overhung by snow-covered mountains and met an accident when avalanche caused by landsliding hit them near a flowing stream at Uthra area.
I am quite sure that you will agree with me these are rare views indeed and show a view of long gone camping trips from yesteryear.
My sister has gone camping In the elements outside.
Kath said: "The boys are over the moon that we are staying in an eco-friendly holiday cottage, as for the past 10 years we've gone camping and on occasions endured some pretty fierce gales and torrential rain.
It includes a two person tent (pounds 75) and sleeping bags, an Oasis Gone Camping kite (pounds 8), survival kit (pounds 10) and make-up bag (pounds 9.99).
To mark the launch of the Gone Camping range Oasis is holding a mini festival with music and pampering at its Bullring store this Saturday.
To win our exclusive competition just answer the following question: What kind of design does the Oasis Gone Camping Range feature?
Send your answers to: Oasis Gone Camping Competition, 262-264 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AQ by Friday, June 8.
Of the girls who have camped with the Girl Scouts, 65 percent had also gone camping with their family.
One young boy was asked what it was like when he and his dad had gone camping in the wilderness.