Benjamin, English actuary, 1779-1865. See: Gompertz hypothesis, Gompertz law.
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Table 4 presents the parameter estimates and their standard errors for all three forms of Logistic and Gompertz models in adjusting to growth data from pequi fruit.
7 (Petra)-- Minister of Planning and International cooperation, Imad Fakhoury, met on Monday the French Special Envoy of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, Ambassador Stephane Gompertz.
Los modelos logistico, de Gompertz y de von Bertalanffy (von Bertalanffy, 1976a,b,c) son algunas de las funciones de crecimiento frecuentemente utilizadas para describir el crecimiento de plantas, animales y organos.
La Conference des parties COP 21 sur le climat prevue en decembre en France a ete evoquee, hier, a Alger, lors d'un entretien entre la ministre de l'Amenagement du territoire et de l'Environnement, Dalila Boudjemaa, et l'ambassadeur francais climat pour la region Mena et Afrique, Stephane Gompertz.
I was looking forward to meeting the host Claudia Winkleman but - wouldn't you know it - she was otherwise engaged with Strictly Come Dancing and I was interviewed by Will Gompertz.
Aidan O'Brien (pictured) 45 Ballydoyle trainer; Sandy Dudgeon 57 rider of Gayle Warning & Peaty Sandy; Brian Lawrence 80 rider of Oscar Wilde & The Bell; Terry Kent 48 rider of Albemine & Dark Den; Jeremy Gompertz QC 77 owner-breeder of Colonel Cotton; Dwayne Woods 53 joint-owner & manager of Brook Stud; Andrew Hogston 38 head groundsman at Bath; Guy Butchers 54 owner of Up-To-Date Information Services; Neal Wilkins 66 co-founder of Apollo Bookmakers; Steve Taylor 53 former MD of Taylormade Betting; Neil Allan 44 jockeys' agent; Steve 'Bubbly' Fluin 60 chairman of the Champagne Racing syndicate Please notify birthdays to us at least a week before publication
BBC arts editor Will Gompertz on meeting model Carmen Dell'Orefice, 83, who said that it was to avoid catching germs.
It was disconcerting" - Will Gompertz, the BBC's arts editor, on meeting 83-year-old model Carmen Dell'Orefice who explained that it was to avoid catching germs from his hand.
The authors explicate the meanings of the Gompertz parameter, and provide evaluations of age as a risk-factor for disease, address the issue of biological versus chronological aging and the all-important question of whether aging-related disease is an integral part of the aging process.
After removing and reading otoliths for growth increments, von Bertalanffy, Gompertz, and power functions were used to estimate growth rates for juveniles and adults.