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A G protein involved in olfaction, a neural activity that is similar to vision, as it requires conversion of external signals to electrical signals recognisable by the brain
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The 73-year-old local Detroit golf legend has been playing since she was 36 and doesn't miss a chance to hit the golf course.
The golf course turf care industry is a very competitive industry, made more competitive by the fact that all the companies sell similar products," says Bob West, director of marketing, LESCO.
Finding a traditional lender willing to issue a loan commitment of that size for the purpose of bidding on golf course properties would have entailed a lengthy process, with severe hurdles to clear," says Kevin Wolfer, a principal of Kennedy Funding.
Such figures have long teed off environmentalists, who have led crusades against golf courses since the 1970s, when birds and fish were common casualties of unrestricted pesticides.
has cooled off several degrees relative to nearby towns such as Redlands, apparently because golf course construction has turned the town into a veritable oasis, report Robert Balling and Nina Lolk from Arizona State University in Tempe.
Tucked away in a rural enclave of East Canton, Ohio, the Clearview Golf Course is like most others.
a Houston-based BE 100s petroleum products company, swears by the golf course as a way of doing business.

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