Golf Ball Body

A fanciful descriptor for red cells of severe alpha thalassemia that are filled with Heinz bodies (HBs), large rounded inclusions composed of precipitated HbH-4 beta chains, which have undergone oxidative denaturation; HBs are more prominent post-splenectomy, and seen in peripheral blood smears stained with brilliant cresyl blue, and account for more than half of the red cells in these patients
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have been granted a patent for a painted golf ball comprised of a golf ball body and a paint film formed on the golf ball body, wherein the paint film is formed from a curing type polyurethane aqueous golf ball paint, comprised of (A) an aqueous polyol composition and (B) an aqueous polyisocyanate, wherein (A) the aqueous polyol composition contains (a-1) an aqueous acrylic polyol, (a-2) an aqueous urethane polyol and (a-3) an aqueous polyurethane resin; a molar ratio (NCO/ OH) of an isocyanate group of (B) the aqueous polyisocyanate to a hydroxyl group of (A) the aqueous polyol composition ranges from 1.25 to 2.50; and a content of a high boiling point solvent having a boiling point of 150[degrees] C.