Johannes K.A.E., German neurologist, 1858-1935. See: Goldscheider test.
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Goldscheider, Frances, Eva Bernhardt, and Trude Lappegard (2014), "Studies of Men's Involvement in the Family--Part 2: Introduction," Journal of Family Issues 35(8): 995-99.
Goldscheider and Goldscheider (1992) noted the importance of gender roles in marital relationships.
Her argument also found much agreement in the social-science-oriented research of that time and somewhat later, such as Calvin Goldscheider and Alan Zuckerman's references to the group-enhancing effect of social cohesion, regardless of primordial institutions, cultural content, or unmediated values rooted in tradition.
Goy" took on a pejorative connotation during this period, explains Calvin Goldscheider, Brown University professor emeritus of Judaic studies.
On call recently, we were asked to value some items a client wanted to sell, and tucked away at the back of a china cabinet was a Goldscheider Art Deco pottery figure, of a lady in a green dress, accompanied by a greyhound.
Calvin Goldscheider argues that nation-building in the state of Israel is both shaped by the American Jewish community and by Palestinians in the occupied territories.
12) Researchers studying an earlier generation have found that those attending college were more likely to transition back home; see Frances Goldscheider, Arland Thornton, and Linda Young, "A portrait of the nest-leaving process in early adulthood," Demography 30, no.
In a letter to Ernst Gombrich in 1948, Ludwig Goldscheider, the co-founder of the art publisher Phaidon Press, listed the target audience for The Story of Art, the book that Gombrich was in the process of writing: '(1) Everybody, (2) The Young, (3) What I always call "The Innocent Readers", (4) The Children, (5) The Americans, (6) The Grown-ups as well'.