Goldmann tonometer

Gold·mann to·nom·e·ter

(gōld'mahn tō-nom'ĕ-tĕr)
Device fixed to a slit-lamp microscope that is used to measure intraocular pressure.
See: Goldmann applanation tonometer
[Hans Goldmann, 1899-1991, Swiss ophthalmologist]


Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1899-1991.
Goldmann applanation tonometer - an applanation tonometer that flattens only 3 sq mm of cornea, used with a slit-lamp.
Goldmann contact lens
Goldmann contact lens prism
Goldmann expressor
Goldmann goniolens
Goldmann implant
Goldmann lens
Goldmann macular contact lens
Goldmann multimirror lens implant
Goldmann perimeter - a projection perimeter that adds further precision by controlling the surrounding illumination.
Goldmann serrated knife
Goldmann tonometer
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Postural change in intraocular pressure: a comparison of measurement with a Goldmann tonometer, Tonopen XL, pneumatonometer,and HA-2.
In the early 1970s, American ophthalmologist, Hampson Sisler, modified a Goldmann tonometer to perform ODM.
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In order to overcome the problem of the postoperative IOP underestimation with the Goldmann tonometer, some authors suggest that the measurement (in myopic eyes) is done in the periphery of the cornea where less corneal tissue is removed.
Some studies comparing the Tono-Pen XL[R] tonometer with other tonometers, such as the Perkins[R] and TonoVet[R] tonometers in rabbits (KALESNYKAS & UUSITALO, 2007) and the Goldmann tonometer in humans (FRENKEL et al., 1988; IESTER et al., 2001) suggested a lower accuracy of the Tono-Pen XL[R] tonometer for high IOP values.
The Perkins series of hand-held tonometers have been providing generations of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists Worldwide with reliable measurements that correlate strongly with the industry gold-standard Haag-Streit Goldmann tonometer.
Previous studies have shown that intraocular pressure (IOP), as measured by the Goldmann tonometer, needs to be corrected according to central corneal thickness (CCT) values in order to obtain a better IOP estimate (1-8).
Results obtained by NCT using the Pulsair instrument were then compared within those obtained using the Goldmann tonometer in each of the 50 patients tested to determine the sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive value of NCT as a screening tool for glaucoma.
* Be able to set up and use a Goldmann tonometer and interpret the results (Group 3.1.6)
Comparison of the Tono-Pen and Goldmann tonometer for measuring intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma.
16 ea haag-streit r-900 goldmann tonometer with tonometer mount, 1 ea freight/inside delivery, 1 ea installation charge.