Goldmann, Hans

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Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1899-1991.
Goldmann applanation tonometer - an applanation tonometer that flattens only 3 sq mm of cornea, used with a slit-lamp.
Goldmann contact lens
Goldmann contact lens prism
Goldmann expressor
Goldmann goniolens
Goldmann implant
Goldmann lens
Goldmann macular contact lens
Goldmann multimirror lens implant
Goldmann perimeter - a projection perimeter that adds further precision by controlling the surrounding illumination.
Goldmann serrated knife
Goldmann tonometer
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The most recent development has been to use a Goldmann contact lens (similar to a gonioscope) with a built-in ring pressure sensor, with two products available--the 'Meditron' (Imedos Systems, Jena) and 'OcuDyn.