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James H., 20th-century Canadian epidemiologist. See: Goldie-Coldman hypothesis.
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The two told the Los Angeles Times that the conditions that created the main character, Goldie, exist today.
In fact, Goldie tells how the spark was there from their first date - they were caught having sex by security guards at an empty house she was renovating.
I think we've been trying to be too clever with him," said Goldie.
Barbara Miller, 75, of Madison, Wisconsin, has raised a fraud action against Goldie, from Falkirk.
Goldie, from Wolverhampton, believes he has brought some streetart style and rawness to the portraits.
Mum-of-two Goldie, 49, impressed the judges in last night's Boot Camp episode, with a unique version of Lady Gaga's Born This Way, causing Louis Walsh to declare: "I want to see more of Goldie.
This first instalment charts Goldie and company's search for the right musicians; the second follows their training for the Buckingham Palace concert, and the third features the prestigious gig itself in front of Prince Harry.
Goldie, who describes them as "underground and overlooked", hopes they prove good enough to impress his star guest, Prince Harry.
I'd left home, was working in the Trossachs as a stockman on the Moray Estate and was looking after 500 suckler cows," says Goldie, with that trademark hearty laugh, which will be heartier than ever if he manages to bridge that 35-year gap tomorrow and emulate the late Nigel Angus by producing a longed-for tartan winner of Scotland's premier sprint.
Goldie kept banging on about the benefits of Bikram and Harry was really interested.
I kept away from the programme Maestro, where Goldie and his ilk made a name for themselves in the conducting genre, yet some people I know loved it.