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James H., 20th-century Canadian epidemiologist. See: Goldie-Coldman hypothesis.
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In the 36-hole final, neither player was ever more than two shots ahead, although Goldie was one down going to the last, where Wakenshaw bogeyed.
Goldie discussed the wide range of applications for anticorrosive coatings.
So in 2005, using all our knowledge of the area, my brother and I devised a plan intended to place one of us in position for a shot when Goldie started chasing does.
This book is pure Goldie: a treat for those who savor marzipan, but diabetics beware.
Bryony, 11, from Canton, Cardiff, who studies at Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna, said: 'I've got three goldfish and Goldie is the smallest so it's really nice that she gets to be on a big stage.'
She later scoffed pitta bread and pesto like the last meal of a condemned inmate - perhaps uneasy about Goldie's joke revenge plan of the night before.
Peter Goldie's The Emotions is a fascinating account distinguished by its originality and breadth.
As the scene opens, Ma and Pa Penniless and their lovely daughter, Goldie, are counting their meager earnings on the table.
The two told the Los Angeles Times that the conditions that created the main character, Goldie, exist today.
Golden labrador Goldie was swept away by the current while Mr Milne and his family were on holiday at a caravan park.
Dumfries pedigree cattle and sheep breeder Jim Goldie has been presented with one of the livestock industry's most prestigious awards.
And she had a truly superstar partner - veteran actress Goldie Hawn, 72.