Samuel V., Polish neurologist, 1852-1932. See: Goldflam disease.
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Josh Goldflam, co-founder of Highcap Group, has been hired to market the largest-ever approved subdivision development site in the State of New York by Resorts World Casino.
Irena Troupova--soprano, Arnost Goldflam, Mariana Chmelarova, Ivana Hlouzkova--recitation and singing, Brno Contemporary Orchestra, conductor: Pavel Snajdr.
CROW employed a Director: initially Annie Goldflam, then shared with Elizabeth Reid Boyd, then finally Susan Hall.
"The man has nothing but birds on his mind," says Uri Goldflam, Director of External Relations and Development at SPNI.
Ross, Christen Portelli and Joshua Goldflam are equal managing principals in their new venture, which was formally created last month and focuses on commercial sales.
Many of the findings in our study confirm the obstacles faced by refugees and migrants in general, including learning English as a second language (Rida & Milton, 2001; Kamalkahani, 2001), securing employment and housing (Puls, 2001, Goldflam, 1992, Richardson et al, 2002), as well as navigating an unfamiliar and overwhelming social, political and cultural context (Bouma & Brace-Govan, 2000; Kamalkahani, 2001; Yasmeen & Al-Khudairi, 1998).
Doctors Samuel Goldflam, Wilhelm Erb, and Friedrich Jolly from Germany are responsible for fully describing myasthenia gravis in 1890.
A security agent had boarded the bus a few stops before the explosion, checked it and then got off, Gidi Goldflam, a passenger said.
A security agent had boarded the bus a few stops before the explosion,checked it and then got off,Gidi Goldflam,a passenger, told Army Radio.
Some of the papers are research-based academic pieces (Ridge, Hee and Minichiello; Sanitioso; Chua); there is a theoretical exploration of identity incorporating elements of Buddhist thought (Offord and Cantrell); two accounts are based on experiences of a radio project exploring diversity of gay and lesbian experience in New South Wales, and of trying to strengthen understanding of multisexualities and multiculturalism among schoolteachers (Duruz, and Palotta-Chiarolli respectively); while the remainder are highly personal accounts of and reflections upon the experience of marginalization as a gay or lesbian ethnic `other' (Chuang; Ayres; Yue; Goldflam; Burstin; Kizinska).
Pitinsky, Chantal Poullain, Milan Steindler, Otakar Schmidt, Petr Vacek, Veronika Bellova, Pavel Liska, Arnost Goldflam.